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Internet Services

Access Technologies

The TNS Internet Portfolio comprises of fully featured "wires only" and managed solutions which can provide a variety of circuits to meet bandwidth and availability requirements.

The portfolio comprises a comprehensive range of conventional and disruptive access technologies including Ethernet (Fibre), Ethernet First Mile EFM Copper), Generic Ethernet Access (GEA), Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and other various ADSL services.

Guaranteed bandwidth for lower cost

Networks can be utilised to provide connectivity for voice only, data only or converged voice and data solutions. Real-time QoS is now available on ADSL and FTTC circuits with various bandwidth options to provide guaranteed bandwidth for a much lower cost.

We partner with a number of wholesale Internet Service Providers to provide a wide range of options at competitive prices.







Telecom Network Solutions: Telephone and Internet Provider


From small companies looking for a simple broadband solution to large multi site businesses requiring complex networks TNS have the solution for you. Our experienced telephone company can advise you on the most cost effective and efficient solution from high-speed connectivity to working from home. We work with different telephone and internet providers to find the best one for you.

There are a variety of solutions available from high speed Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line for customers who are looking for the same upload/download speed to Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line.


Areas covered: Central London, North London, and surrounding areas.

Fibre Connectivity - Superfast Broadband for Business in London

Our fibre connectivity delivers a dedicated high-speed point-to-point connection between locations. If you were looking for a fast and reliable connection between your head office and other key locations, choosing a fibre-based network would be the best solution.

For more information on pricing packages for our superfast broadband for business in London, please give us a call and we can advise you on the best option for you and also discuss integrating your current telephone systems and calls and lines packages to save you money.